Saturday Aug 23

Mentor for our students

In 2009 residents are meeting new folks, and receiving free prayers with free groceries by Adopt-a-Block.

Residents are visited by Adopt-a-Block team members, in order to deepen our relationships, and just getting to know each other while listening to the needs residents have.   On Mondays, the Sunflower Apartments host children's Power House, a program of fun and prizes with weekly activities.
Wednesdays have a teen outreach and activities at the Community Center.

Adopt-a-Block and the Power House ministry have free food with games for the children including prizes!

Donation Campaign

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Why we do what we do

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Nurturing Youth
Listen and Affirm
For our Future
Respecting Community
Improve Value of Education

Upcoming Events

Sat Aug 23 @05:00PM - 06:30PM
TLC Church